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In order to succeed, beside a good hardware, a clever solution that applies Temporal techniques to the Data Warehouse is needed.
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A DataDepot warehouse thus presents a unified version of disparate real-time and historical source data.

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Two recent trends—the plummeting cost of storage and the widespread adoption of data warehouse technology—have led to an increasing interest in temporal databases. Indeed, the idea of maintaining and processing historical data.

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Association rules and temporal association rules, Clustering, Data and knowledge representation, Data mining agents, Data mining support for the design of a data warehouse , Distributed and parallel data

IJCA - Physical Data Warehouse Design Using Neural Network

physical design is suggested, a class of artificial neural network known as self-organizing net is used for indexing data warehouse at physical level. Indexes of active neurons will be used for generating indexes for the data values.

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. latest version of ISO standard SQL (SQL:2011). DBMS vendors are integrating these or similar temporal features into their DBMS engines. This group is focused on these temporal features, especially their support for Bitemporal Data.

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A temporal study of data sources to load a corporate data warehouse Martin C, Abello A Data Warehousing AND Knowledge Discovery, Proceedings Lecture Notes IN Computer Science

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Academia.edu helps academics follow the latest research. . Data Mining, Database Systems, Data Warehousing, Spatial Databases, and Temporal Data Miningedit

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The paper “Managing Temporal Data ” by Abdullah Uz Tansel reviews the issues in modeling and designing temporal databases based on the relational data model. Also, it addresses attribute time stamping and tuple time stamping
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Skew-aware automatic database partitioning in shared-nothing

of temporal skew in both the data distribution and accesses, (2) ex- Any transaction that needs to access data from only its base parti-